Energy Data Field System

Energy Data Field System

EDFS is an industry-leading mobile data collection and energy assessment platform that seamlessly integrates into our energy efficiency program management system, EDMS. EDFS provides utilities a flexible platform to implement energy assessments and inspections with real-time results such as energy usage, comparison, and opportunities to reduce cost—leading to improved awareness, increased participation, and higher installed energy savings for utility energy efficiency programs.

EDFS Key Benefits:

Onsite and Real Time Results

Onsite energy assessments and recommendation reports.

Automated Data Sync

Seamless, automated synchronization with program management system ensures efficient and accurate assessment.

Higher Customer Participation

Interactive, collaborative assessment review through dual mobile devices leads to industry’s highest customer participation rate.


Data collection fields, measures, savings calculations, and reports are configurable to adapt to the exact needs of the program.


Secure, role-based access improves integrity of data, reduces risk of errors and prevents unauthorized access.

EDFS Key Features:

  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Secure Cloud Based Solution with AutoSync
  • Onsite Data Collection
  • Onsite Recommendation Report
  • Functional With and Without Internet
  • Dual Mobile Device Enabled for Interactive Customer Presentation
  • Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Fully Integrated with EDMS
  • Secure Role Based Access