Energy Data Customer System

Energy Data Customer System

EDM’s comprehensive platform promotes customer engagement in all facets of Energy Efficiency offerings through the effective integration of EE program participants in our EDCS module. Utilizing a creative approach to leverage today’s preferred technologies to maximize customer “touch”. EDM combines the EE back office infrastructure with the active participation of social media to drive results. For customers, an intuitive and complete EE program management system for their homes. For utilities, contactors and retailers a robust customer and project management system fully integrated with customers and complementary program partners.

EDCS Key Benefits:

Customer Portal

EDM’s web-based Customer Portal for provides utility customers an engaging 360 degree view of their EE programs, property specific project activity, approval status and opportunities. The EDM Customer Portal also enables actionable steps to review, select and begin work with contractors, participate in incentive rebates and monitor the EE performance of each project, partner and overall home performance. User highlights include:

  • Rich graphical interface
  • Recommendations report
  • Contractor communication portal
  • Program definitions, examples and explanations
  • Track all EE installs (Contactor, self-install, etc.)
Customer Engagement Kiosk

EDM’s fully integrated approach includes a Customer Engagement Kiosk adding a mobile app to promote in-store EE program partnering with retailers and contractors. This creative approach to active engagement allows customers to sign up for the appropriate EE program, receive instant program benefits and incorporate their hands-on shopping experience with investing in the energy performance and savings of their home. For the retailer or contractor, another link to customers to prompt EE activity.


HomeSelfe: Self Energy Assessment

Homeselfe is EDM’s groundbreaking customer engagement platform via web and mobile devices. It allows customers to perform a simple intuitive energy efficiency assessment on their home using web, Apple iOS, and Android mobile devices. Homeselfe integrates with EDMS to provide a seamless path from active self-participation to energy saving actions to kWh savings.

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